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Susan James is thrilled to announce the release of her latest album TIME IS NOW on July 12, 2024. Dive into a world of captivating melodies and artful lyrics that will leave you wanting more.  The psychedelic chamber-pop opus not only showcases James' talent but also highlights her growth and commitment to musical authenticity.  Engineered and produced by Susan, Time Is Now is a testament to her innovative approach and artistic evolution. With a discography that tells a story of experimentation and heartfelt creativity, Susan James continues to capture the hearts of fans and critics alike.

Susan provides some insight stating “It all began as a powerful vision a year ago, an idea that blossomed into what I now offer as a soundtrack for healing our seemingly broken world. In these tumultuous and divisive times, we must acknowledge that love, empathy, and inclusivity are not just noble ideals, but are vital components of our collective resilience and progress as a species.. While there are forces that seek to keep us in a state of conflict and mere survival, I believe that by embracing love and all its facets, we unlock boundless potential and possibilities for a beautiful, unified global future." She goes on playfully,  "So yes, it’s this tiny concept that inspired the album."

It opens with Susan's urgent and lushly arranged track Aquamarine, a tale of realization that darker forces are at work. It poses a question in which the following tracks all respond to by providing various answers. All the songs on Time is Now were written by Susan James with the exception of the final track "Fantasy Is Reality/Bells of Madness" - written by Brian Wilson, Sam Philips and Rob Wasserman. It provides a stunning closer for the album,  complete with harmonies provided by Susan and her dear friends, musicians Mike Randle, Rusty Squeezebox and Jim Laspesa ending in a vocal round that sounds like a long lost Beach Boys track.


Time Is Now is poised to inspire and resonate deeply with listeners, offering a powerful message wrapped in lush, psychedelic, and often playful soundscapes.

NEW!  Run + Fall music video

From the brand new album TIME IS NOW (out 5/12/24) is the new video for Run + Fall. 

Directed by Susan James

Inspired by the old 60's beach party movies, the old TV series The Monkeys, and early Rob Rafelson films.

New Singles Time Is Now and Run+Fall out NOW!
Buy the limited ed. 45 vinyl of the single Time is Now HERE
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Time Is Now_Susan James (Official Lyric Video)
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